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Promising lives changed in an instant.

google flower image 3Today we took 41 bouquets to a personal-care home for people with traumatic brain injuries; a permanent home to a broad spectrum of people suffering brain injuries caused by accidents and gunshot wounds.

Young men and women…….I don’t think I can say any more than that about the visit. “There but for the grace of God go I…….or someone that I love.”

Please say a prayer for all of them and their grieving families. Promising lives changed in an instant.


Bouquets of Appreciation for nursing home staff

pic-3-circle-of-miracles2Two of my adult children work in senior living communities. They go way over and beyond in their work to make the lives of their residents happy. That is why I thought that I would like to share the flowers with the staff too. If the staff feels valued and appreciated, their giving spirit trickles down to better care for the folks who are under their care.

flowers in vase google image

Everyone likes to be appreciated and I know how dedicated the employees of senior living communities are. Why not surprise them some morning with a bouquet of beautiful petals and blooms? I have lots of them and they are a “gift” to you. Please call to schedule a time for your employees to be the recipients of a Random Act of Flowers!

Hi Patricia,
Thanks so much for speaking with me today about bringing the flowers to Sunrise. I would love to set up an opportunity to honor our team members with your Bouquets of Flowers for Appreciation. Whenever you have an availability, please let me know what may be a good date to try and set this up. Thanks in advance.

I love that they go to people who need smiles!

man preaching blue shirt singing flowers stapeleyIt was a little bleak. More than 20 elderly people watching a television screen that many probably could not hear or see very well. I awkwardly carried the boxes of vases that rattled noisily. An assortment of colored vases – cranberry-colored, crystal, mosaic patterns and ivory. And two big white trash bags holding the bounty of gardenias, daisies, roses, pale wild asters, tulips and other pick-me-up bouquets.

My garden used to give me such joy. I liked to invite my friends over for some spiced iced tea and strawberry muffins.

Oh, when my roses were in full bloom, it was a sight to see. And my black-eyed Susans, they were right up against the fence.

I remember when my little boy asked me how dandelions grow. That kind of thing lasts in your memory. (And if she is nostalgic like me, she remembers a little boy’s kisses too.)

I can still hear my mother singing in the orchard.

I said to the sales associate at Trader Joe’s this morning. “I think I am just going to be able to do this until October.” She responded, “Oh, please keep doing it through the holidays because I get beautiful harvest displays for Thanksgiving and special Santa Claus displays for Christmas. I love that they go to the people that need smiles.”

I think the Harvest bouquets would bring plentiful yields of joy. I can just picture them, wrapped in gold and autumn colors – bright vermilion, gold and brown – with crimson berries.

Just thinking of the storms that the residents have weathered and how so many are still deep in storms.

But in their gaze, I see courage and open arms that await a bouquet I love seeing the happy expressions when they clap their hands and say how much they love the flowers.

And I start to feel…..the seeds of Thanksgiving that this opportunity came out of the blue for me. Hope I can do it through the Thanksgiving season.

The people in their twilight days are thankful for the little things, the common, take-for-granted things…….like the perfume scent of a donated bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s.

I think they will like the tawny gold clusters of November bouquets too. The late Autumn colors will look pretty with their silver hair -silver and gold, what a royal combination!

The flowers are as bright as sunshine on an Indian summer day.

I changed from collecting stuffed animals to passing out bouquets!

Several times a week, I receive a phone call or email inquiry about my need for stuffed animals for seniors in nursing homes. In May of 2013, I began to distribute the bouquets of caring instead of the furry critters. During the past 3 years, we passed out over 11,000 beautiful stuffed animals that brought a lot of comfort and smiles to people in their golden years at senior living communities.
Just received this from a lady in Norfolk, Virginia.

Good Morning, Patricia
I have a few new or basically new stuffed animals I was looking to donate. They were stuffed animals given to me and my husband in our older years (graduations and such) so they have never been used or played with. I’d love to donate them so they are used. Are you accepting donations? If so, where can I drop them off or mail them?

Thank you,

Reality check

Reality check: The Happy Flower Day Project really is a full time job. Lots of time making phone calls to floral departments, driving to Philadelphia, then to Abington and then to North Wales, scheduling places to visit with the bouquets, collecting vases, actually going there for visits, and lots of other little things that fill up my day……and fill up my car. Have put on an average of 70 miles each day, on my car, since mid-May and put 100 miles on each day, on Monday and Tuesday. (Dear God, please give me clarity and the means if I am supposed to continue. Amen.)

man preaching blue shirt singing flowers stapeley

I was crying listening to her voicemail message.

My daughter called me a little while ago and said that one of her friends’ parents wanted to give me a donation for gas so that I can continue doing the Happy Flower Day Project.

Hi Patricia,
It was my birthday yesterday and I said to my husband that I would like to do something for someone else to celebrate. I read your Facebook postings and I can relate. My mother was in a nursing home. She had seven devoted kids. Every night one of her kids was over there visiting her. But her room-mate had two kids; one that never came and one that came once a week.

After my mother passed, I sort of “adopted” her and brought her flowers once a week. If her own kids did not care very much, I wanted her to look at the vase of flowers and know that another family cared about her.

Isn’t she such a remarkable and thoughtful lady to think of sharing her birthday by bringing “happy bouquets” to strangers? Tomorrow – in honor of Maureen’s birthday and her generous heart, a whole room filled with ladies will receive flowering bouquets at a nursing home in Jenkintown.

Her proud mother is smiling down at her precious daughter with pride! And what a lucky husband and kids to have a Mom/wife like her!

And the flowers really made everything look so beautiful!


Thank you so much for bringing all of the bouquets of flowers for Mary’s 100th birthday party celebration. They made the senior day care center really come alive! I was planning on buying a lot of balloons for the party but early in the morning, I thought I would take a chance on calling you and asking if you had any surplus flowers for our clients. Mary said to me, “I made it! I did it! I got to be a hundred!”

And the flowers really made everything look so beautiful! The newspaper even came today to capture the big event. They said they are going to put the story on the front page tomorrow. KC