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A Way to Make Your Mondays More Manageable – Flowering Beauty and Smiles

Bob and I liked to take flowers to strangers who needed smiles. He was 91 years old, a Yale graduate, a World War II Naval officer, and a fun person to listen to as we made our petals and blooms rounds. We talked about pets, holiday traditions, Pearl Harbor, old fashioned niceties that he thought should come back into vogue, aging gracefully, the wife he adored, and life lessons learned in 9 decades. And he played the harmonica to “announce” that we were on our way in with the petals and blooms. bob me flowers fam restaurant

Trisha, I used to play the harmonica. What do you think of this idea? I could get it out and start practicing some patriotic tunes. Then, as we carry the flowers in to the nursing home, I can “announce” the visit by playing Yankee Doodle Dandy, God Bless America, America the Beautiful, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Halls of Montezuma, Stars and Stripes Forever and The Star-Spangled Banner. I am a little rusty on those songs but if I practice, I should be able to do that within a few weeks. I might need to buy another harmonica because this one does not seem to be quite right. (Bob, my 91-year-old volunteer)


My Favorite Place to Take Flowers? Hmmm, you can flower magic anywhere!

I wish I could name one place as the winner but I really do not have a favorite place. Today,  I started out with 150 bouquets. My husband came with me and said that there was no way that I was going to fit them all in my small KIA Forte. Yep, we did it!  We went to two nursing homes and two senior apartment buildings in Philadelphia. All gone. Easy peasy flowery squeezy!



Nothing like free flowers to make a day go better for the giver and the receiver! Happy Flower Day to you.

Started out today with 100 bouquets. Two nursing homes, a McDonalds restaurant and a busy laundromat later, the petals and blooms are all gone. Day is done. Lots of fun! From Wayne to Philadelphia to Cheltenham. Lots of miles. Lots of smiles. Can you sense the flowery love in the air?



Since May, 2013, I have enjoyed MORNING GLORY!

You can’t top the feeling that you get with the Art of Flowering. I made an announcement at Starbucks that it was Happy Flower Day. Flowers free for the taking. I explained that a florist donates flowers. I take them wherever I may roam such as to nursing home residents, bus stops, train stations, shelters, senior centers …. where people need their days brightened. Such as the lady that told me she had just been diagnosed with bone cancer.

I was at the end of my route. I had some extra bouquets.

A man gave me a large hot chocolate. I said, “Do you work here?” He smiled and said, “I am the district manager. Let’s take a picture, and I will Tweet it out!”

Wish I knew more about Twitter so I could tweet out some neat pictures. Some of the comments made by the people at Starbucks:
• Oh, wow, today is my anniversary.
• Today is my mother’s birthday.
• Can I trade the ones that you gave me for the orange flowers? I was supposed to stop and buy orange flowers for a coworker.
• Thank you so much. You just really perked this place up. Where are they from? Who are you?


Laughter and free flowers are the best medicines that I know of!

FLOWER pic 2013 good



pic of me early flower 2013 in store

Seize the day – A Happy Strawberry Day! (Not much of a Happy Flower Day)

Here I go a-flowering – no matter what the weather! On a snowy morning as the Nor-easter was walloping the area with rain, snow and wind, I picked up the flowers. Only about 20 bouquets today and lovely plants. And in a box were a bag of potatoes, three cakes, and some oranges. And real, juicy, ripe, red fresh strawberries. Lots and lots and lots of them. Large plastic cartons were filled with  30 berries per carton,  and I had 30 cartons piled in my car. Could that be 900 juicy red plump strawberries waiting to be made into  smoothies, pies, strawberry shortcakes, or for a snack with a dab of whipped cream? (The last picture is where I dropped a carton on the street. OOPS!


I called a church that has a soup kitchen but nobody answered the phone.  I walked into a few of my favorite places where I know folks always appreciate the surprise of  flowers. And today,  the surprise of strawberries!

I thanked my lucky stars that it only took a few minutes for the treats to be “claimed” and happily carried home by smiling people. My gratitude meter was pretty high today – so grateful to to the place that donates to me and for the nice people that I meet along my way. IMG_1781

Leftovers…… (Flowers) that people don’t mind receiving!

Happy Flower Day to you! One hundred and twenty beautiful bouquets were delivered today. Where did all the flowers go? To a senior center, to a busy bus stop in Philadelphia, to a lady with health problems,  to a group of teens whom  I met at a  Dollar Tree store who were excitedly pooling their money to buy a present for their music director. They had eleven dollars. I told them that I had 13 plants – free for the taking. And 17 bouquets were put in a cart at the laundromat.  So much fun when you flower the day away!


  • I think God gave me these flowers today because I found a twenty dollar bill and gave it to the person who lost it.
  • I really needed these flowers today – to boost my mood. Bye Bye Stress. Hello Flowers!
  • I am taking these orchid plants to my neighbors in my apartment building.
  • What kind of plants are these? Can I plant them in the ground?
  • Who gave them to you?  I want to send them a thank you note.
  • I went to a memorial service today and I was feeling a bit sad. Thank you for making my day better.
  • Carrying these flowers around makes me feel better than when I take my medicine.



Drive around, pass out free flowers and be merry!

Happy Flower Day! Oh, the Places We Go and the People We See: Sixty bouquets and plants of happiness were passed out to nursing home residents and everyday people that I  met along my  flower travels! Plenty of fresh gifts from nature and plenty of smiles. Yes, the best things in life are free. And a picture of John and me at a dance last night!


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