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Reality check

Reality check: The Happy Flower Day Project really is a full time job. Lots of time making phone calls to floral departments, driving to Philadelphia, then to Abington and then to North Wales, scheduling places to visit with the bouquets, collecting vases, actually going there for visits, and lots of other little things that fill up my day……and fill up my car. Have put on an average of 70 miles each day, on my car, since mid-May and put 100 miles on each day, on Monday and Tuesday. (Dear God, please give me clarity and the means if I am supposed to continue. Amen.)

man preaching blue shirt singing flowers stapeley


The flowers put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!

Hi Patricia,
Our Life Enrichment coordinator forwarded your e-mail to me. We met during your last visit to our community. The sight of passing out the flowers to our residents put a smile on my face for the remainder of the day. We would welcome the opportunity to be included for your wonderful program at our other facility. Would you be open to distributing flowers at our Philadelphia community on Thursday? Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to call or e-mail me. Karen

Let’s use the healing properties of pretty flowers to heal detoured lives.

Soft yellows, warm pinks and other pastel shades of flowers – colors lacking in the halls and on the walls of a jail cell. I just thought of another place where I think the flowers would do a world of good -the women’s correctional facility near my home. My mother volunteered there for years and I worked with young women after they were released.

All young, beautiful women whose lives got detoured due to substance abuse;the gift of a bouquet of colorful tulips, pansies, and hydrangeas would be a natural high. I thought of what might happen if the ladies were given a bouquet of hope, love and support. A sort of an “I believe in you” message and a symbol of a second chance. The young women are all “somebody’s daughter and grand-daughter” – young girls like our own. If anybody has a contact there or somewhere else, let’s make this happen.

I think bouquets of beauty will help those feeling afraid, anxious, depressed…..missing their children, regretting what happened, not able to forgive themselves for mistakes they made. Fresh flowers to help someone make a fresh start – let’s use the healing properties of pretty flowers to heal detoured lives.

Vases needed.

I was in a thrift shop today and I saw a whole lot of vases on a shelf. Actually, looked like a lot more than they would be able to sell in a lifetime.

I told them about the Happy Flower Day Project and I asked if they would call me if they reached the point of “Please, no more vases.” The lady looked at me incredulously and said, “Why don’t you just buy them? They are only a dollar.”

Inside, I was thinking…..well since May 16th, we have delivered more than 3,000 bouquets. At that price, that would have been $3,000 and probably a little tax added on too. In the words of the seniors that I visit, I can just hear them exclaiming, “Gee willickers! Heavens above! Goodness gracious. Gracious me. Oh dear. Oh for heaven’s sake! So buying them is not in my budget….so if you have any vases that you no longer need, we sure would love to have them. I am committed to doing this until the end of October. Then, I will have to evaluate if it is feasible to continue. Thanks.