One year ago today, I began the Happy Flower Day Project

Dear Friends,

It has been one year today since I began the Happy Flower Day project. The grand total is that Trader Joe’s, several locations in the Delaware Valley, have donated 17,612 bouquets that I have been honored to be able to take to people who needed a little cheer. From people on the street, to the sick in hospitals, to nursing homes, recovery houses, etc.

The link below is to an article that was published in a magazine in the UK last week. Woman Alive magazine.

I welcome speaking engagements to share some of the wonderful stories that happened when I began to “random act of flower” seven days a week, for 355 days this year. It was a life-changing experience for me. (I took 10 days off due to bad weather and vacation.)

Frequently Asked Questions:
• How/when/where did you get started in this outreach? What was your inspiration? How did you go about setting things up? How did the project grow and change?
• Who helps you with the Happy Flower Day project? Do you have people who regularly volunteer to help? Do different people help at different times? • How have different recipients responded? Any story that particularly stands out?

Thank you! I look forward to sharing this uplifting program with your organization. Lots of photos are on my site.

Patricia Gallagher welcomes interviews and speaking engagements.


To read a magazine article about The Happy Flower Day Project with pictures, please click the link below.


To listen to radio interview:


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