Life Enrichment Programs

In addition to my Happy Flower Day project work, I also offer these life enrichment programs to assisted care communities. Please click the links to download the full-color flyer.

Employee Development Training Programs

  1. 25 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Senior Living Community Employees
  2. Tips for Recharging Your Professional Battery for Senior Living Employees
  3. Hands On Sensitivity Activities for Aging Simulation

Life Enrichment Programs and Activities for Residents

  1. I Love Lucy Program
  2. Wizard of Oz Program
  3. The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music Program
  4. Lassie Come Home Program
  5. 20 Wonderful Things about Father’s Program
  6. 20 Wonderful Things About May, Mothers, Memorial Day and More
  7. Shirley Temple Birthday Party for Your Residents
  8. Kindergarten for Grownups – Page 1
  9. Kindergarten for Grownups – Page 2
  10. The Prayer Angels Group – Everyone Needs a Purpose
  11. Patriotic Veteran’s Day Program
  12. Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Program
  13. Faith Sharing — This is the Day that the Lord Has Made Program
  14. Tribute to Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King
  15. Marry Me! Program for Seniors about Legendary Couples’ Courtships
  16. Celebrating Black History Month
  17. The Nicest Thing Anyone Ever Said or Did for Me
  18. Nostalgic Film Clips and Discussion
  19. Tribute to Frank Sinatra Program
  20. Faith Sharing for Your Residents
  21. Random Acts of Kindness
  22. Everything I Learned About Life Motown Program
  23. Golden Great Songs BINGO
  24. Beginner Computer Class for Seniors
  25. Computer Class for Seniors
  26. A Tribute to the Incredible Lena Horne Program and Etta James
  27. April Program – Fling Into Spring Fun for Your Residents
  28. BEST LOVE SONGS OF THE 1930 and 1940’s doc
  29. Famous People Series
  30. 20 Wonderful Things about March – Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter and more!
  31. 20 Wonderful Things about February – not just Valentine’s Day!
  32. Five Songs About Dreams Program
  33. Love Songs of the 1950’s Program
  34. Creating a Happy Box or Happy Jar Program!
  35. Why We All Need a Happy Box or Happy Jar
  36. Over and Beyond Kindness Program
  37. Over and Beyond Kindness Program, 29 Tips, Flyer 2
  38. 20 Wonderful Things About Winter Program
  39. Love is Having a Pet Program
  40. Songs of the 1940’s and 1950’s Program
  41. Welcome to Autumn – Songs of the Season Program
  42. Have a Friendship Tea for Your Residents
  43. Summertime Is Finally Here Program, 20 Wonderful Things
  44. Santa Flyer 20 Wonderful Things about Christmas
  45. Random Acts of Kindness Program
  46. Tales for My Grandchildren Program
  47. Snowman and Winter Program
  48. Twas Night Before Christmas Program
  49. Halloween 20 Wonderful Things
  50. Everything I Learned About Life Motown Program
  51. Thanksgiving 20 Wonderful Things
  52. Football and Sports Bloopers
  53. Wheel of Fortune Flyer
  54. Nostalgic Film Clips and Discussion
  55. The Nicest Thing that Anyone Ever Said or Did for Me
  56. Take a Spin on the Wheel of Fortune
  57. Mother’s Day Program for your residents Mother’s Day Program
  58. Prayers to Warm Your Heart Interfaith Program
  59. Author Social and Book Signing – Lindbergh Mountain |
  60. You Can Write Your Life Story Program for Residents
  61. 20 Wonderful Things
  62. Easter and Spring Reminiscence
  63. 20 Wonderful Things and April Fun Program
  64. Write Your Life Story
  65. 20 Wonderful Things to Chat About
  66. Prayer Connection Program
  67. 20 Wonderful Things About March and Saint Patrick’s Day
  68. Food for the Soul
  69. TV Commercials from the Past

Please contact me for booking or more information.

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