Drop and run flower delivery at gas station on Bristol Road

To view the pages of this article about The Happy Flower Day Project , click down at the bottom right hand corner of the picture on the cover and the pages will turn so you can read full four page article with pictures. Click about four times to get to the page with my article.



My mother wanted a Tastykake and I wanted a soda. I took ten bouquets into the mini-mart and ten surprised people walked out with a bouquet. Then I opened the trunk of my car and told everybody to take a few extra so they could pass them out back out their office. 28 bouquets gone in less than five minutes. Just a little speed-flowering on a cloudy Friday.

My mother is going to love these.

You are going to keep me out of trouble with my girlfriend.

My husband is going to start getting suspicious AGAIN when I come home with flowers. He is not going to believe this story.

What’s your name? Why are you passing out flowers?

To read a magazine article about The Happy Flower Day Project with pictures, please click the link below.


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