Meet The Flower Lady – magazine article

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Article in Woman Alive Magazine – United Kingdom – May, 2014

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You leave home empty-handed and come home filled with happiness after “flowering.”

Today, my friend Annabella helped me to surprise people with free bouquets of fresh flowers. We visited a senior center and a McDonald’s restaurant. And then I went on to pass flowers out to the people coming out of a 7-Eleven convenience store.



20160825_11071620160820_112615I never know where the flowers will end up. I pick them up at a grocery store,  say a quick prayer for guidance as to who needs their day brightened. I just end up somewhere. Like on Saturday, when I met this young man outside of a convenience store. Surprise bouquets for forty people.




This little note meant a lot to me – received it yesterday

Dear Patricia,

I just want to thank you for all of the beautiful bouquets that you gave us. It was so nice of you to get them, fix them up and bring them to each one of us. Also I heard that you bring them to shut-ins too. The flowers bring a lot of joy and happiness. I had the bouquet that you gave me for a whole week. Thanks so much. You are certainly doing God’s work bringing joy and beauty to all of us. Keep up the good work that you are doing to make others happy. God bless you. Love and Prayers, Eleanor

The little note meant a lot to me. The smiles mean a lot to me. I am so grateful to Trader Joe’s for donating them to me.

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People visiting in the hospital love free flowers too!



I had lot of white and purple orchid plants in nice clay pots. Gave them to the receptionist at the hospital entrance desk. She placed them on the counter, so nicely displayed. I went upstairs to leave bouquets at the nurses station. Two big bags that were carried up by a smiling security guard. He had picked red and yellow roses to take home to his  wife. When we returned to the lobby, they were all gone. Wow, that made me so happy!