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Headshot Trisha Have you heard about The Happy Flower Day Project? I brought it to Montco S.A.A.C. in Norristown. Read the Times Herald story about the visit here.

I was also recently featured in Bellesprit Magazine, which is available to read in an interactive format. To view the pages of this article, click down at the bottom right hand corner of the picture on the cover and the pages will turn so you can read full four page article with pictures. Click about four times to get to the page with my article:

Interactive Bellesprit Article

Listen to my interview with Bellesprit Magazine here.

There was also a feature about me in Woman Alive which you could read here.


Patricia Gallagher
Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490 (Phila suburb)
Cell: 267 939 0365

Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking engagements. May be available on short notice.



Articles in the Chestnut Hill Local about my projects and my life:

Chestnut Hill Local Article #1

Chestnut Hill Local Article #2


Radio Interview with Edie Weinstein about the Team of Angels Project and the Happy Flower Day Project.


barb-and-233-stuffed-animals-njThis picture is of a lady and her young daughter from New Jersey. They were moving out of state and she had a collection of more than 250 stuffed animals. We met at a meeting spot in New Jersey and she donated them all to my project. There wasn’t even room to fit a toothpick in my van after we loaded them all. They were all in perfect condition and were given and cherished by the seniors that we gave them to!



EddieElainepic2blanketsThe young man and his mother came to my house three years ago with 30 beautifully crocheted blankets. Her mother had made them for another organization  and after she spent countless hours and money to make all of them, the organization no longer needed them. She went on the internet – and Google showed my website. You can only imagine what the gift of those blankets meant to the people I gave them to that week. Absolute works of hand-made art to be treasured!



A few years ago, husband and wife team writers,  Meryl and Tony tagged along with me to make a nursing home visit. I appreciate the way they chronicled the Stuffed Animal project in the article written below. I did the Stuffed Animal Project and the Collection of crocheted afghans and blankets for three years – over 11,000 donated new and gently-used stuffed animals, thousands of tissue paper corsages to decorate the walkers and wheelchairs,  and four hundred blankets  – all  delivered to senior living community residents – all collected from friends, family and people who responded to my Craig’s List postings. We also collected small gift items to give to seniors for the holiday season of the past three years.

Read all about it here.

trisha_and_friendsakavarstuffed-animals.jpg guideposts
me with disney animals guideposts
katherine caring hearts
flemingtstuffedanim1SONY DSCdwalther2Stuffed_animals_web




In May, 2013, I switched gears from stuffed animal deliveries to flower deliveries for nursing home residents. Just meant to be a gift of sunshine to brighten a day.  A little surprise for a senior living in a continuing care community.


from phone 031

I began taking bouquets of fresh flowers donated to me each morning by Trader Joe’s. Because of the generous donation of their ‘day-old” flowers, I am able to bring bouquets of joy to people who might not ever get flowers. I guess it is sort of a Flowers to the Rescue project. www.happyflowerday.com 


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00054]


Article in Intelligencer about Flower Project


Listen to an interview with host Ruth Anne Wood with Patricia Gallagher about the Happy Flower Day project here.






Patricia can be reached at T) 267 939 0365. She welcomes interviews and speaking engagements.  May be available on short notice in the greater Philadelphia area.

For the books that she has written and related to the Team of Angels Project, that she created (www.teamofangels.com) Patricia has appeared as a guest on many television shows including Oprah Winfrey, Maury Povich, Sally Jessy Raphael, CNBC, EWTN, Financial News Network, The CBS Early Show, Lifetime, CNN, QVC, The 700 Club and in publications including  the Wall Street Journal, Woman’s World, Family Circle, Gannett Wire Service, Parents magazine,  the Stars and Stripes and  UPI, Associated Press and Scripps-Howard wire services.



Our family’s story related to our book No More Secrets – A Family Speaks about Anxiety, Depression and Attempted Suicide is on the link below. Please click the arrow on the picture to watch the video.




And who were the Seniors a few short years ago? What were they doing? What did their lives look like back in the 1950’s?

Pleased as punch with their little kids!

Here are a few interesting photos!

And pictures of a few of the stuffed animals that took over my life for more than three years.

img348img260img014img309img311img312img311img333img335img322img310dad navy standingimg358

About Patricia Gallagher:




example_for_when_life_is_hardexample_for_the_overwhelmedAngels 015someone special pin and poemexample_for_hope.jpg poem and pincollageexample_for_getting_well.jpg poem and pinexample_thinking_of_youbm12.jpg protect loved ones bookmarkbm5.jpg friendship bookmarkbookmark2.gif peace on earth

Permission is granted to print the article below for any purpose provided credit is given including the website www.patriciausa.com

Business Suit and Heels to Jeans and Sneakers

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