Bob’s Heart of Love Invention and the Flowers

Letter that I received after an article about the Happy Flower Day project was printed in the Chestnut Hill Local newspaper. The link is to the original article and the Letter to the Editor is shown below.

Dear Editor – Mr. Len Lear,
After reading about the “Heart of the 91 year old man”, Bob and “The Flower Lady”, Patricia Gallagher—all I can say is AWESOME! Their stories are powerful, beautiful and truly inspiring. I found this article incredibly moving. I work for the Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels program and I know just how much a visit of cheer and friendship can mean—and truly what a difference it can make in a person’s day. At CHMOW we know that it is important to nourish both the body and the soul. Trisha and Bob have given me some wonderful ideas to explore.

How great would it be to bring some “flower power” to the homebound and disabled individuals that we serve in our community!

I, too, intend to wear my “heart on my sleeve” and talk to my precious loved ones in this profound and personal way.

Thank you for the inspiration—Trisha, Claire and Bob—you are beautiful examples of sincere goodness and love and just what the world needs now!




To view the pages of this article, click down at the bottom right hand corner of the picture on the cover and the pages will turn so you can read full four page article with pictures. Click about four times to get to the page with my article.

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