Kathy from Fort Myers sent Auntie Anne 8 cards!

edie flowers41392312496357

I am still the Flower Lady and am working on a book that I plan to send to Trader Joe’s corporate office. I want them to know how much their Gifts of Beautiful Donated Flowers mean to the “random act of flowers” recipients. Yesterday, 35 bouquets went to the residents of Harlee Manor, the toll collectors at two different exits, a man who held a door open for me at the Sunoco mini-mart and 50 bouquets went to the grateful residents of a Rehab in Malvern.

I went to my PO Box today and was delighted to find 8 white envelopes, in a variety of sizes……with a return address from Kathy in Florida. A little pink post-it note said,” Saw your request for cards for your Aunt Anne on Blaine Greenfield’s weekly update newsetter.”

I am just so touched that this kind lady purchased beautiful greeting cards, wrote a handwritten message in each……I HOPE THIS CARD BRIGHTENS YOUR DAY! and on another: I HOPE THIS CARD BRINGS A SMILE TO YOUR DAY! And sentiments on the cards said: You are in my heart. Sending you a big hug. The cards have pictures of cute polar bears, little children hugging each other.

And so the cards brightened the day for Auntie Anne and the other residents who get to open the cards from compassionate strangers – from all over the country. Thank you, Kathy B. for going way out of your way and to such expense to give a gift of love to Auntie Anne. Your cards touched her heart! And mine too.



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