Team of Angels for Peace on Earth – Syria last night?

A long time ago, during whatever world conflict the USA  was involved in, I wrote the poem –  A Team of Angels for Peace on Earth. (2001)

I professionally printed 50,000 yellow laminated bookmarks bearing the poem. Actually, the bookmarks were printed by a company in Tennessee. The media got a hold of the project and told the story that if you sent Patricia Gallagher a self-addressed stamped envelope, that she would send 10 bookmarks to whomever requested them. And that is how they spread worldwide. Funny how things happen.

Peace on Earth

Let’s connect a team of angels
With all people here on Earth

To stop the crime, to end the wars
And feuding over turf

We’ll all pray “Angel Power”
As they beam forth gifts of love
To cheer the cause of Peace on Earth
For the Prince of Peace above.


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