Is passing out 11,212 bouquets Woman’s Work? Happiness surge for me!

Roses, roses, roses….every color……peach, white, pink and red roses. And bountiful bouquets of other kinds of petals and blooms. All of the leftovers from the Trader Joes’ stores generously donated for me to take to two nursing homes, a train station, people along the street and one 7-11 parking lot in Wyndmoor. I must admit, I am a bit exhausted today. They had so many flowers left over from the weekend. I think the flowers chase away the winter blues for a lot of people. What do you think?
139231254792713923125013361392312599029CAM01287CAM012381392312587956CAM012052014-01-29 15.31.5813885123382152013-12-19 11.27.322013-12-19 11.33.51
2013-12-12 11.17.33
2013-12-09 15.08.57
2013-12-05 12.08.18


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