I even gave one to construction worker for his wife!


I met a lady at the post office last week. She was using a walker.  I was sitting on the floor putting postage on 100 padded envelopes. She asked if I needed help. She told me about her new apartment.  What a random act of kindness!  I knew that I wanted to give her a random act of flowers to repay her kindness.

I went to the building and the mailman told me that I was at the wrong place and that her complex was about six blocks away. I asked if he would like flowers for his wife.

I reached into the back seat  of my car where the water buckets had spilled all over the seat…. and found a lovely fall bouquet of burgundy and orange flowers.

So happy that I was able to gift a postal worker flowers…… on the way to the lady’s home.

I saw mailman number 2 walking out of her building. “Would you like flowers for your girlfriend or mother?” He responded, “My mother would love them. She is 83. She is going through some health issues now.”  I gave him a “rainbow flower  bouquet”  thinking that it might be good medicine  for sagging spirits.

I rang the bell in the lobby. The leasing agent came to the door. I described the lady with the walker and asked her to pass the flowers along to her with my gratitude.  She said the lady’s name was Diana.

I saw a Road Closed sign. Cranes, bulldozers, steamrollers and lots of men with orange hardhats on were tearing up the old road and pavement with jackhammers and replacing with new cement and blacktop.

I had to go into a building on that street to deliver my last batch of flowers. I was afraid to walk down the street with all of the construction vehicles. The foreman on the job escorted me to the safety of the side door.

Oh man, five bouquets left and I was out of time. Needed to visit my mother in the hospital.

I said to the project manager, “I have something for you. Are you married? Do you have kids?”

I reached for the pumpkin trees and five bouquets. Pumpkin trees? (Just picture a rosebush with thorns and replace the roses in your mind with little pumpkins growing on a branch.)

Yes, really tiny pumpkins. Real ones.

“I have five kids. They will love these little pumpkins. I am going to give the extra bouquets to some of the other guys for their wives.”

“Brandon, since your wife has five kids, why don’t you give her all five bouquets?”

“My wife’s car is right over there at the Lansdale train station. I have her key. I am going to run over there right now and put these flowers in her car.”


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