They blessed this man with warmth and hope. Thank you.

I was on my way out of a nursing home about two weeks ago and I passed a room for a hospice patient – a man that I could tell had been a handsome fellow back in his younger days. And a kind, good man….I could just tell by looking at his face. But being in this particular room meant that your illness had progressed to a point where they were just trying to keep you comfortable – not trying to make you get better.  I talked to him. I asked him if he wanted to say The Lord’s Prayer …..Which we said together. I gave him two Team of Angels pins – one for himself and “Here’s another one for somebody else, maybe for one of the nurses.”

Today, I passed his room again. Joe was still there. The room was quiet. No television blaring. No visitors. No newspapers. No balloons, cards or decorations in the room. I went out to my car and got the tan and blue plaid soft flannel blanket tied in a pretty fashion with a dark blue ribbon.

Amy donated them last week.



It was so soft and comforting. I untied the ribbon and laid the blanket on his lap. He smiled and said thank you. I brought in a little HUG figurine with a friendship poem on it  and put it on the tray table in front of him and read him the poem. Little things,  yes.

But very big to a man that is facing the end of his days. Kindness from Christa and Amy – not necessities like food and medicine….but more important, something to comfort him and make him feel special. Two little surprises for a man who not too long ago had been independent but things changed. And in his last days, two special ladies donated two special items that showed thoughtfulness and love for a dying man. They blessed this man with warmth and hope. Thank you.


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