Out of stuffed animals…no lions and tigers and bears

Contact: Patricia Gallagher, BA, MBA

We have nursing home visits scheduled for Lansdale, Abington, Northeast Phila, and Langhorne …and we are now officially out of furry critters to offer comfort to the residents. When you give them a cute bear or giraffe or bunny, they are so grateful.

Please visit our site to learn about the Stories for Seniors Stuffed Animal Project.
A hospice nurse said to me today, “You are doing stuffed animal therapy. You are doing POTENTIATE LIFE REVIEW…..”

She explained, “When you give them a stuffed animal, they might recall their early years as a child with a stuffed animal, maybe a first love giving them a gift of a teddy bear, remembering winning a stuffed animal at a carnival game, or their own baby cuddling with a stuffed animal……”

How many do we need for the next four programs at nursing homes? Probably about 100. Anyone have clean, new or gently used furry critters to help brighten someone’s day?

I live in Chalfont, PA. Please call to share ideas about assisting with the donations.

Thank you very much.

Patricia Gallagher




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