Jimmy said, “My mother hasn’t gotten up for a few days.”

I really liked this lady. I guess I have seen her about five times and she is very vibrant – praying, singing, telling everyone about how good her God is. But today, something was wrong. She had no “zip.” She didn’t have her glasses on and she wasn’t sitting in her wheelchair talking to everybody.

She was laying in her bed. Her adult son said, “She has to get up and eat something. I brought her the kind of food she likes.” He pointed to a canvas bag on the floor that contained her ethnic cuisine. She asked about my mother and son, both of whom she had met. The nursing home  food sat on her tray untouched.

I handed Jimmy some bubbles and I had my container. We both started blowing them into the air. A few drops of cold bubbles dropped on her face. I put the wand to her mouth and she tried to blow but nothing came out. I put one stuffed animal on her chest, then one more, then one more and one more. She started to move. She started to sit up. She smiled. I saw a glimmer of the real Daphne – the one that I have visited since December.

I am not sure what happened after that because I had to leave. My mother and daughter were flying in from a visit in Colorado and we were all meeting for a Mother’s Day celebration.

But Daphne was up – the bubbles and stuffed animals perked her up. Jimmy was smiling. And I think her Mother’s Day looked a whole lot brighter because of the little things that people donated to our project – I bet Daphne even ate her ethnic food…..because she got just what the doctors order – A LITTLE BIT OF JOY.

The picture below are the bubbles that were donated by the mother and her young daughter from Delaware County – all wrapped attractively with pretty ribbon and colorful wrapping paper.

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