I just thought the stuffed animals on this video were so cute


I like looking at this video because the stuffed animals are like the 2000 that people have donated to the Stories for Seniors Project. Pretty song  to accompany the pictures, too.



This is what happened today.

Patricia, you have so many things. Where do you get all of those things? You are like me. I like to have things all around me that make me happy. The administrator called my daughter and told her she has to move a lot of my stuff out of here because my room is a fire hazard. I have it set up like my home. It is a small area but I divided it into different parts. Like a kitchen area, a bedroom, a parlor – just like my old place. The staff always tells me how pretty my room is. Everybody likes it. When people come in, I say, “Here is my kitchen, here is my parlor and here is my bedroom. This weekend I have to get rid of a lot of my things.”

Edith, a resident in an assisted living facility selected  a big white teddy bear. She kept saying  I LOVE HIM. I LOVE HIM. While cuddling him, she spontaneously started singing  the song ME AND MY TEDDY BEAR. Everybody joined in to sing along. I think I will take this video with me next time because Rosemary Clooney was a popular singer in the era of most of the residents and I think they will enjoy looking at the photos of her accompanying the music.



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