Katherine keeps her Poochie right on her wheelchair all of the time.

My mother who will be 85 tomorrow and I went to visit some people at a healthcare facility in Philadelphia. Two ladies saw us and immediately pulled their stuffed animals from under the blankets on their laps. We had been there twice before.

 I still have my  ROGER.  That is what I named him, and Katherine keeps her Poochie right on her wheelchair all of the time.  

My mother smiled at me and said, “Isn’t it amazing how they all love their stuffed animals?”

I told them that I had gone to visit Dolly who had lived at the Healthcare Facility for a couple of months. She recuperated and returned to her home near Broad and Erie. Last Friday night, I called Dolly  and asked if she wanted company. She said, YES, and so I went for a little visit. I reported back to her “old friends” that she was doing fine, although she still needs her walker. I asked Dolly what she does all day.

I don’t watch any television. I can’t go upstairs so I sleep on a bed in the dining room. I can’t go out because I am afraid of some of the neighbors. I pray all day and listen  to the Christian radio music. I was going to ask you to bring some food with you because I don’t have anything to offer you.


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