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I’m so sorry for your loss. How wonderful that your mother and friend still found the energy to serve other so late in life (and much credit to you because it probably would have been easier to deliver the flowers yourself – like doing things with young children that takes twice as long as doing it by yourself). 1381760054012

May happy memories of your mother and Bob bring you peace.

Carolmom and aunt anne flowers

Tribute to Bob – my flowering partner – Written by Edie

Edie Weinstein wrote this article after attending Bob’s memorial service today. She mentioned the Happy Flower Day Project and posted a picture of her and Bob holding the flowers…….we met for lunch ……and then Bob and I continued along on our flowering way. RIP, dear Bob.

Bob, my mother and me – We were the flower people!

Two weeks ago, I sent this little article to the Chestnut Hill Local newspaper, hoping that they might tell Bob’s story. Last week, after he had passed away, the editor called me to say that they were going to run the piece on July 31st. I told Len that Bob had died peacefully. He seemed to tear up. So as a tribute to Bob (and to my dear mother), I wanted to post about these two wonderful people who inspired me…….and their memories always will. Thank you, Mom and Bob!

A young actress in Hollywood wearing my Team of Angels pin!

I just received a text from my daughter whose best friend is an actress in Hollywood. She was auditioning for a part on the “Young and the Restless.” She has been on shows like that before. A local young woman from this area.

“Hey, Kris. I am backstage at the Young and the Restless example_for_the_overwhelmedright now wearing your mom’s Team of Angels pin for good luck. Can you let your mom know that I really appreciate her giving it to me back when I first met you in 2001?

Flowering on a Sunday night warms my heart!

The man in the picture below is my flowering buddy. Rest in peace, Bob.
The rest of the pictures are of people that I met tonight at an assisted living facility. Surprised by a flower delivery to Schwenksville.



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CAM02232bob and edie flowers duck deliOn the link below is a little story of what the Happy Flower Project meant to them.

And this link tells a bit about a bunch of the projects that I have been involved in –

Bob passed away – my flowering partner on many mornings. Nine-one years young!

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Bob Goodwin passed away. He turned 91 on Wednesday and died shortly after. He was a special man. He was my flowering partner on many mornings. He played the harmonica to announce that we were coming in with the flowers. And he always wore his Navy cap – a great conversation starter. He made the world a wonderful place for so many people. He was the co-founder of Circle of Miracles. Every Sunday, he read a “spiritual seed” which was a story that he heard or found somewhere that would inspire the congregation. Rest in peace, dear Bob.

A little about Bob:

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We talk about romantic stories of their beginnings….and the young man that gave them flowers







Of course I give the flowers to the staff and the residents…..and visitors that I meet in the elevator, the ambulance drivers and people in the lobby applying for a job at the nursing. home …..just random acts of flowering!

I think about the conversations that I have with the recipients of the bouquets of flowers – just little snippets of conversations about the boy who gave them flowers when they were starry-eyed teens, about their months of magical courting, where they found their true love and stories about when they married. Enchanted months of courting that made me long for such a time myself.

We stir up memories about graduations, roller-skating in the city, apple-crate scooters, their most embarrassing moments, a special 4th of July memory, how their parents taught them to look on the sunny side of life …..just smiles and laughter about the good old days. They always tell me that they were simpler times back then.

It is usually about a half-hour flower visit but we cover a lot of topics. Their favorite topic seems to be a memory of a high school sweetheart and their pets from the past.

I pass out the flowers and then I smile for the rest of the day.

Here is what happened today. In pictures!