My new address

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Hi Friends and Family,
My new address is Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490. I am living in Limerick for the time being. I have had this post office box since 1989 for business purposes. I was living there at the time and had just started writing books. Doubleday published my first book, Start Your Own-At Home Child Care Business” and they suggested that the readers correspond with me via a PO Box. So I have been paying “rent” on that box for all of these years…….and for all of the moves that I have made. My phone number is the same. 267 939 0365.

Patricia, I don’t actually know where I first came across your Team of Angels.

Dear Patricia,
I don’t know where I first came across your Team of Angels pin. I live in Iselin, NJ. I still have the pin attached to the bookmark. I have had it since about 2001. I want to make sure that the blessings are still attached to it. I was wondering if you could send a prayer to me that will travel on the wings of the angels that you still have – all the way here to me in New Jersey. In the meantime, I want to thank you and the God we both serve. Can you tell me a little about your spiritual journey? I am so glad that our paths have crossed with the aid of the angels in both of our lives.


Tell others how they can start the same program in their neighborhoods. Lots of photos are on my site.

Dear Friends,
After passing out 18,612 bouquets of beautiful bouquets to strangers, there is something in my heart that is telling me that there is a new mission for me – to expand the Happy Flower Day project across the USA so lots of other people can do the same. Can you please share this link? Let’s see what happens if the media picks up the story and the project “gets legs” and grows! Thank you so much.

Patricia Gallagher
Cell: 267 939 0365


It has been a year and a month since I began the Happy Flower Day project. The grand total is that Trader Joe’s, several locations in the Delaware Valley, have donated 18,612 bouquets that I have been honored to be able to take to people who needed a little cheer. From people on the street, to the sick in hospitals, to nursing homes, recovery houses, etc. I welcome interviews and speaking engagements to share some of the wonderful stories that happened when I began to “random act of flower” seven days a week, for 355 days this year. It was a life-changing experience for me. (I took 10 days off due to bad weather and vacation.)

Frequently Asked Questions:
How/when/where did you get started in this outreach? What was your inspiration? How did you go about setting things up? How did the project grow and change? Who helps you with the Happy Flower Day project? Do you have people who regularly volunteer to help? Do different people help at different times? •How have different recipients responded? Any story that particularly stands out? How can other people do the Happy Flower Day project in their community?

Thank you! I look forward to sharing this uplifting program with you. And to tell others how they can start the same program in their neighborhoods. Lots of photos are on my site.

Patricia Gallagher

Phila suburb


“I told her that I think I know the person who makes the Team of Angels.”

Dear Patricia,

I saw a check out clerk at Giant in Chalfont with one of your angel pins on. I told her I think I know the person who makes them. Then when I came home I found my pin and the info/ bookmark…and decided to reach out.

Prayerfully all is well with you and your family. I think about our class members often.

Take good care…and thanks so much for my team of angels. They have gotten me through a lot!

(My mom Beverly and I attended your class three years ago.)