Smiles abound with prettiest flowers around! 100th Birthday Party!

On Friday, I brought 60 bouquets to the birthday party for a resident celebrating her 100th birthday. Each resident received a bouquet. At the appointed time in the celebration, each resident took one flower from their bouquet and handed it to the “birthday girl.” And took the rest of the bouquets back to their rooms. Sweet treats, party favors and beautiful flowers! Fun for all.


A down-home recipe for a happy Tuesday – passing out the flowers!

It is hard to believe that 12,487 bouquets have been rescued, recycled and repurposed……since May, 2013. It makes me so happy to do the Happy Flower Day Project but I think I may be discontinuing soon. What would I like to happen? I would like to get some exposure on a national show or newspaper and tell other people how they can do it in their town. According to my calculations, if I passed out 12,487 donated and beautiful bouquets to strangers…..what if 100 other people in other parts of the USA did the same? That would be 1,248,700 bouquets to bring smiles to over a million people. Wait, am I reading that right? Yes.


I put the flowers on the lady’s bed. She is legally blind.


Last week, I went to visit my aunt in a nursing home in Cherry Hill, NJ and gave the flowers out to lots of residents and to the staff. An aide asked me to give a plant to the lady in room 614. “She just asked me if I could get her a plant.”

I went to room 614 and it was empty. I placed the little plant wrapped with gold foil on her bed. I guess she was in the dining room. I forgot all about it until yesterday when I was visiting my aunt in room 612. (This is a picture of my Aunt Anne.)


I heard someone say, “Are you the lady that gave me the plant that was on my bed? My name is Eleanor. I have been wanting a plant for so long.”

How did you know it was me? That I was the one who put it on your bed?

I was in the dining room last week and saw you passing out flowers but I was on the other side and you did not come over my way so I didn’t think there was any for me. Then, I went back to my room and that beautiful plant was waiting for me. Look, I have it on the window sill. It is really growing so nicely. It looks beautiful, don’t you think?

I “bartered’ flowers for shortage at toll booth….and more!


I usually have my E Z pass but accidentally got into the ticket lane rather than the EZ pass lane. Got to toll booth and was short twenty-five cents. The toll booth taker told me not to worry about it. I gave her what I had. $1.35. Told her I could send her the twenty-five cents she was putting in for me. Then I gave her six bouquets of flowers. She practically fainted!

I was at Rita’s Water Ice and saw a lady who asked about all of the flowers I was carrying. She owned a sandwich shop. I gave her four bouquets. She wanted to return the kindness. She asked me if I wanted to come to her restaurant for a free lunch!

The past few days, I have randomly passed out flowers at McDonald’s restaurants, WAWA stores, a Rita’s Water ice store……on the first day of Spring when so many people were lined up for their complimentary water ice cone and at a Subway sandwich store. And to people who were house-bound and very ill. And of course, my daily visits to nursing homes passing out a message of friendship – wrapped in cellophane filled with beautiful flowers.