Thank you to Edie Weinstein for the wonderful article about the Happy Flower Day Project!

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I would love to combine my love of being the Flower Lady with this paid position!

Letter that I sent after my interview for the Volunteer Hospice Coordinator position. My dream would be to somehow make the delivery of flowers an integral part of visiting the seniors who are enrolled in Meals on Wheels programs and at home or in nursing home comfort/hospice care. What if I could start a national campaign and bring this project to a level that it would serve thousands of people on a daily basis?  Prayers, dear friends, for God’s will to manifest in my life for His vision for how to serve Him. My religious upbringing taught us to ask God to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world. Some things you just never forget from first grade Catechism lessons.




Good Morning, Teri

As I thought about the position of Volunteer Coordinator for Grane Hospice, I reflected upon what a privilege that it would be to a part of your hospice team. I know from personal experience that things change quickly when a loved one is under the care of a home hospice team. I appreciated so much the peace of mind that I felt when the hospice team came to evaluate my mother’s situation and set things in motion for volunteers and caregivers to tend to her needs.

You need someone who is flexible and understanding. I bring a unique set of skills and experience. I have worked both in the behavioral healthcare and senior living care field, had both of my parents in the Doylestown Hospice system and have a spiritual connection to this type of work. I would work very well with your Hospice Chaplain to augment his mission.

I know that detail-oriented documentation is required to log volunteer hours.  I have offered in-service training for employees in a variety of settings. I understand the importance of interviewing families about their needs, volunteer training for accident prevention and the discipline of in-service training to ensure quality volunteers.

As the Director of the Stories for Seniors Project, the Happy Flower Day Project and the Team of Angels Outreach Program, I have been responsible for planning, recruiting, coordinating, assessing and management of volunteer activities. And have implemented volunteer recognition programs.

As a business woman, I worked in tandem with hundreds of volunteers, directors of senior living communities as well as administrators and staff.

I understand the importance of social media and have knowledge of a variety of software programs. I have contacts with local service organizations. I am comfortable speaking in front of groups to share information about Grane Hospice. I know that diplomacy, tact and interpersonal skills are an integral component when handling highly confidential and sensitive information.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to sharing ideas with you.


“Dear Patricia, I remember meeting you a long time ago.”


Dear Patricia,

I remember meeting you a long time ago at the Lower Providence library. My dad had just fallen off a mower and then fell over a four foot retainer wall. I was not in a calm state. My father did pass away and so did my sister. I am not a religious person but I needed the Team of Angels pin that you gave me. I passed it along to a friend who had cancer.

Someone just gave me a Team of Angels for Someone Special. His name is Joe. He passed out five or six to the ladies at the dance. I don’t have a computer but I would like to also pass them out. If people are stressed, they could use one of your Team of Angels. I would like to keep this tradition going of giving the angels out like Joe is doing.

When Spirit talks, I listen. Spirit asked me to write this letter to you. Do you by any chance remember me?


Letter received today: “The Team of Angels bookmarker means a lot to me. “

I get a letter like this about twice a week.


Hello Patricia,
I received the Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed bookmark and angel pin. I was so overwhelmed to receive it because I am so overwhelmed right now. It really means a lot to me. I have the time to write now and hope that you will write back.

A loved one of mine passed away on June 20. We went together for over 20 years. We loved each other and took care of each other. He had to have his left foot taken off – under the knee. He was a smoker and the stump healed slowly because of the smoking. He had just a little pencil hole wound when the doctor shocked him and me and told him that he was admitting him for the surgery to remove his leg. He was fitted for a fake leg and everyone was excited but he never did walk. I don’t know how to spell that word that begins with a p – I think it is pros- thee-sus. Days before his death he would cry, yell and scream. A neighbor told me that he has that look in his eye that he is going to die. I would stay with him all day until about six at night. He would say to me, “Don’t leave me alone. Don’t go home at night. I do not want to be by myself.”

I had to go home to get my rest. Now when I go outside, I see him all over. But just in my mind because he is gone forever. He never wanted to go into a nursing home. I love and miss him much. It is bad for me. He was 62. One morning, I found him and he had passed away.

Your Team of Angels poem for the overwhelmed helps me every day when I say the prayer. Can you please write me back?

Meals on Wheels Program and Tribute to Bob – my volunteer

Hi Patricia~
Loved, loved, loved the article about the Heart of the 91 year old man in  the Chestnut Hill  Local.  I work for the l Meals on Wheels and I would love to talk you more about what you do and perhaps, if you ever need an “inspiration” for “God, who needs the gift of a beautiful bouquet today?”—we can provide an answer with the lovely hearts and souls that we serve meals to– spanning the area from Wyndmoor ( where we prepare the meals on Stenton Avenue) to neighborhoods of Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy and parts of Germantown as well as Flourtown, Erdenheim and Oreland!  So, please give me a call, send a text or send  me an email.  Would love, love, love to speak with you!  What a beautiful way to help us deliver a meal to some lovely people— so incredible if we can say it with flowers, too!
Would love to hear more about  “ Hearts Away”!!  It inspires me to speak to the loved ones that I have lost—in  this beautiful and personal way!  Thanks for sharing your story!
With Smiles, Lynne
 from current phone 238
The editor of the newspaper asked Lynne if he could print her letter in the paper. This is her response to him.
Good Evening Mr. Lear~
I think I read an email from you today asking if I would like to print my letter to Patricia Gallagher in  The Chestnut Hill Local. I read it on my cell phone.  Of course, I now cannot find that email.  I am one of those “technologically challenged” people—so I hope that you will please bear with me.  I apologize!
Perhaps, if we print it—I should do some editing– as I reread it—I discovered a “typo” —also  I would delete my personal cell phone number.
Again, my apologies for  not being able to locate your  recent email.
I did speak to Patricia today and she was just a delight and a truly incredible lady!  What amazing  work she does—it gives new meaning to the Language of Flowers and she did share that the gentleman with that beautiful heart passed away!  I would hope that this letter would  and could be a  tribute to him! 
I hope that we can be in touch!
With many thanks and appreciation,

Doing a radio show to tell others how to start a Happy Flower Day Project in their community

Dear Patrica,

My name is Candice Potter, co-Host for Bellesprit Radio Show. We would like to invite you to be our special guest on September 13, 2014 @ 8pm ET for a 1 hour interview!  We would like to do a feature on the show about your Happy Flower Day Project and plan to feature it in an article that will be the cover feature of Bellesprit Magazine for September. We look forward to hearing from you in the very near future!


Candice Potter, Co host Bellesprit Radio Show