Bob and his wonderful “Hearts Away” invention! Brilliant and loving. So touching!

July, 2014:
Bob showing me his orange pouch with the drawstring – holding the “Hearts Away” crystal heart. He is currently living in an assisted living facility in Montgomery County.



This is Bob, in September of 2013. He was my partner who helped me deliver flowers to nursing home residents. We would start out our flower caper adventure with a jolt of coffee from McDonalds and a cinnamon bun. He often brought his harmonica along and played a tune as I passed out the flowers.
The picture is of Bob before he moved into the assisted living facility.



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Why I am inspired by Bob.

I deliver day-old flowers to residents of senior living communities – just a volunteer “random acts of flowering thing”. I collect the petals and blooms from Trader Joe’s every morning and then send a silent prayer towards the heavens and ask, “God, who needs the gift of a beautiful bouquet today?”

My internal God GPS device leads me to half way houses, AIDS hospices, nursing homes and even to random bus stops and train stations. In 14 months, I have had the privilege of being the deliverer of 19,451 bouquets of fresh flowers. Most days, I have close to a hundred bouquets to pass out to strangers.

Yesterday, I went to The Solana assisted living facility and walked into the dining room. The staff and residents know me because I stop by about once a month. I was there to pass out flowers and to visit my friend Bob. Before he was hospitalized last December, he was my helper taking the flowers to cheer up folks in our Philadelphia community.

Now he is a resident in an assisted living and can no longer help me. As I looked at him, I thought that on this day, his spirits needed a little buoying. He and his table-mate Claire were sitting at the table talking about old Navy days, his career with US Steel and his college days at Yale.

This is Bob’s table-mate Claire.


Now at age 90, Bob had a concern that was more pressing than others. He looked at me intently.

Trish, it looks like I am going to be living here permanently. My wife is going through serious health issues. I can’t think of any words that can comfort her. I need care now too and it is too much for her to have to worry about me while she is trying to heal. I don’t know what is wrong with my legs and I have to use oxygen some of the time.

Bob, what is that orange pouch hanging on your wrist?

Trish, that is my crystal heart in there. It is just a felt bag and it symbolically holds my wife’s heart. Every morning and night, I take the crystal heart out of the bag and hold it and send my love to her. I “Reiki” the heart. I ask God to have my love touch her in the way that my words cannot right now. I motion my fingers over it. I used to hang it on my walker. I didn’t want to lose it or forget to pray on it. So now I keep it on my wrist. I can’t lose it at night if it is on my wrist. It is with me when I am in bed.

Bob, that is the most loving thing I have ever heard of. So many people are separated from loved ones. In recovery houses, prisons, overseas serving our country in hospitals and nursing homes.

I thought of my dear mother who passed away on April 22nd. The three of us used to go to the Piano Bar restaurant sing-a-long on Tuesday nights. Then their health declined about the same time. Bob always sang patriotic songs and my mother did her favorite Patsy Cline tunes.

This is a picture of my mother on her 88th birthday. With my sister and brother. Last February 17th.


Bob, what a great idea! I am going to buy a heart and “talk ” to my mother in heaven too. I think we should tell other people about it. What do you want to call it?

Oh geez, Trish. “Hearts Away ” – that’s what comes to my mind right now. Sort of like when I was serving in the Navy in the Phillipines. We used to say Anchors Away. I have her heart with me all of the time. Really my true heart is never away from her.


I just call it my Hearts Away pouch.

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My new address

start your own book
Hi Friends and Family,
My new address is Box 561, Worcester, PA 19490. I am living in Limerick for the time being. I have had this post office box since 1989 for business purposes. I was living there at the time and had just started writing books. Doubleday published my first book, Start Your Own-At Home Child Care Business” and they suggested that the readers correspond with me via a PO Box. So I have been paying “rent” on that box for all of these years…….and for all of the moves that I have made. My phone number is the same. 267 939 0365.

Patricia, I don’t actually know where I first came across your Team of Angels.

Dear Patricia,
I don’t know where I first came across your Team of Angels pin. I live in Iselin, NJ. I still have the pin attached to the bookmark. I have had it since about 2001. I want to make sure that the blessings are still attached to it. I was wondering if you could send a prayer to me that will travel on the wings of the angels that you still have – all the way here to me in New Jersey. In the meantime, I want to thank you and the God we both serve. Can you tell me a little about your spiritual journey? I am so glad that our paths have crossed with the aid of the angels in both of our lives.


Tell others how they can start the same program in their neighborhoods. Lots of photos are on my site.

Dear Friends,
After passing out 18,612 bouquets of beautiful bouquets to strangers, there is something in my heart that is telling me that there is a new mission for me – to expand the Happy Flower Day project across the USA so lots of other people can do the same. Can you please share this link? Let’s see what happens if the media picks up the story and the project “gets legs” and grows! Thank you so much.

Patricia Gallagher
Cell: 267 939 0365


It has been a year and a month since I began the Happy Flower Day project. The grand total is that Trader Joe’s, several locations in the Delaware Valley, have donated 18,612 bouquets that I have been honored to be able to take to people who needed a little cheer. From people on the street, to the sick in hospitals, to nursing homes, recovery houses, etc. I welcome interviews and speaking engagements to share some of the wonderful stories that happened when I began to “random act of flower” seven days a week, for 355 days this year. It was a life-changing experience for me. (I took 10 days off due to bad weather and vacation.)

Frequently Asked Questions:
How/when/where did you get started in this outreach? What was your inspiration? How did you go about setting things up? How did the project grow and change? Who helps you with the Happy Flower Day project? Do you have people who regularly volunteer to help? Do different people help at different times? •How have different recipients responded? Any story that particularly stands out? How can other people do the Happy Flower Day project in their community?

Thank you! I look forward to sharing this uplifting program with you. And to tell others how they can start the same program in their neighborhoods. Lots of photos are on my site.

Patricia Gallagher

Phila suburb